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You need to use the skintones  and overlays and other items (of course not clothing or hair for the Sims to appear as they are here)
Sims are dressed in 1 everyday outfit , 2-5 is  dressed in underwear from game, Formal, Athletic, Sleep,Party and Swimwear are dressed in underwear from game 1-5. I do this so the overlay, makeup, etc will be on the sims in all outfits so you don't have to worry about  reapplying those things and the sim appears as it does here. So all you need to do is dress the sim and apply whatever else you want, dress them at least in  the 1st outfit of every category so they are not walking around in your game in their  underwear. 
Tip: to get the best results in your sims use lower lighting not higher ceiling light lighting.
The little lights that go behind these signs are great to use around your sims home to create better lighting. They work great around windows, doors,   corners, etc. Wherever you need. You will find the background lights in wall light. They have a tiny placement, so to move or remove them zoom in you will see it a little square, white or black depending on the color of the wall.


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