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Games/Packs, Patches Needed for Sim:Sims 4 Base,Vampires Game Pack  ( The game says that it needs Dine out, Get to Work, Spooky Stuff, Outdoor Retreat and Romance Gardens, There is nothing on this sim from those packs and ep, this sim was in my game but she was an un-played sim, she showed up at one of my un-owned restaurants (that I created not one of the game's restaurants) as a worker  and the outfits that I picked for the help is what those outfits from those packs are,  they are not on her or marked as her outfits when she is in CAS. So if you do not have that ep and game packs and stuff packs I'm not sure if she will work in your game. You can give it a try I wouldn't see why you would needs those packs for her to work she will not be working in my un-owned restaurant in your game. Typical EA. When I take photos of my sims they are taken out of my library and put in a new game just for photos and the new game is deleted  after I finished, so none of my photos come from my played game. So her being an un-played sim and me saving her to my library again deleting the first one, she had a life of her own apparently. LOL I hope she will work for you if you do not have those packs. I try to keep my sims when uploading as close to just the base game as possible.) Patch:Update: 7/18/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

 Tip:  for more realistic sims in game. I recommend this Mod, it will make the sims look like they do in CAS when they are in game: at Mod The Sims Facial Overlays Less Smiling by Shimrod101

To reduce  blueness in game and no glow of sims eyes in darker lighting you may want to try this Mod. I use the Medium,  No Glo by LumiaLover Sims

There are 2 versions to pick from. Carmilla Dark-Dark, which is the dark form for both forms. Carmilla Light-Dark , which is the light/regular form and the dark form.

Carmilla Dark/Dark

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Carmilla Light/Dark

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